Top Birthday Wishes And Images – Birthday Greetings And Messages

Top birthday wishes and images for your friend’s birthday, family or relative birthday’s. Here we have collection of Top birthday wishes and images, Happy birthday wishes and images, Happy birthday wishes, Happy birthday messages and wishes. These all are unique collection of our birthday wishes. You can send these top birthday wishes to your family, friend and relative also.

Here we have more collection of birthday wishes you can send any of them to your friend’s, family and relatives. You can also send these birthday wishes to whatsapp or Facebook also to your friend’s or relative. May everyday bring something new and exciting for you, may this birthday turn out to be as wonderful as you. This birthday, let’s raise a toast to all things wise that you never did.May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

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Have a wonderful birthday. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine. “A friend never defends a husband who gets his wife an electric skillet for her birthday.” Happy Birthday.


Cheers to yet another year of laughing at silly jokes and giggling for no reasons. Happy birthday dear bestie.


Remember when you had few candles on the cake! Now cake is hidden underneath candles. Btw Happy birthday! Today is when you can expect anything from us.


Giving it is our choice! You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face. Happy Birthday!


May this birthday be filled with lots of happy hours and also your life with many happy birthdays, that are yet to come. Happy birthday.


“Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Happy Birthday.

Birthdays are the times when your cake is on fire and your age is revealed. BTW Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to someone who still yearns for Doraemon in present. Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!


Special day, special person and special celebration. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Happy birthday.


“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.” Happy Birthday.


This birthday, I thought of giving you something precious, then I remembered you already have me in your life.


All things sweet, all things bright, may you have the best birthday night. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday.


You are my true friend. You were always with me, you supported me, you boosted me up when I was down. Thanks for being such a friend of mine. Happy birthday.

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“Most of us can remember a time when a birthday – especially if it was one’s own – brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.” Happy Birthday.


When I looked for something sweet to send you, the stars asked if they would do. I hope that you have the greatest birthday ever from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until they close late at night. Top Birthday Wishes And Images


Wishing my friend a very happy birthday and you don’t need to speak it out loud that I’m your best friend too. Love you dear.


Today may be just another day for others; for me your birthday is the best day of the year. Birthdays are good for health, the more you celebrate them, the longer you live.


I wish that I could be the greatest friend in the world, but there is no way to be a better friend than you are. Happy Birthday.


The years we shared while growing up are like treasures to me. I can remember our every moment of laughter. Happy Birthday, my dear friend.


“You have been there for me no matter what. I am so excited to share your special day with you. Your birthday is going to be truly special. ” Happy Birthday.


Last year was tough on you, but you are fit again! Wishing you a great comeback. Happy Birthday!

May your birthday be filled with lots of lovely moments. May you continue to climb the ladder of success. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.


May your heart naturally beat with the happiness and laughter that you give others. Happy Birthday.


Another birthday, so you are growing older gradually. But I find no change in you. You look perfect like before. Happy birthday.


“May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer. ” Wish You A Cheerful Happy Birthday.


This birthday let’s forget your age, and celebrate for you have crossed yet another level of the game called life. May you continue to improve as a person with each passing year.


Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you always get what you ask for, but you may you always the right things. Happy Birthday. Oh, I didn’t get you anything.


Soon you’re going to start a new year of your life and I hope this coming year will bring every success you deserve. Happy birthday. “Happy Birthday to a true friend!


You are such a special blessing to me I want to wish you a birthday filled with love, laughter and the things you enjoy most.”

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